Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Derby Days and Game Nights

Winners of the Derby Contest- Laura, me and Heather
Cornhole is a must at Louisville parties!

Kim, Janelle, me, Heather and Tess before the race

Game night fun. Boys Twister

Girls twister

Playing curses. It is a hilrious game
I am a little behind in my blogging! I have barely been here the past couple of months due to all of my travelling. I am planning on sticking around here for awhile...I really have no choice since I am getting very preggo. Anyway it has been a very busy couple of months for me. At the beginning of May we went to a Derby party at our friends the Clowards house. It was alot of fun! There is so much to do in Louisville around Derby time- fireworks, parades, boat races, parties ect. At the party they had a competition to pick the top 6 horses in the Derby race. I got the number one and number two horses right! Go Big Brown! Nobody (especially Hans) thought he would win since he was in the outside lane. I have to brag that the top three winners at the party were women. We showed up the men. I won the whole thing and ws really happy until I heard that they had to put Eight Belles (the number two) horse down. That was really sad. The boys had a great time at the party playing cornhole. In Louisville, it is a must at every party to play cornhole. Why you ask? I am really not sure but it is fun.
The other weekend we had our good friends, the Bakers and DeKays over for a BBQ and game night. I think we have had more fun together in YW than the girls have!! The DeKays are going to be leaving us soon and we are very sad about this!! Bethany and her family are such wonderful people and we hope they come back and visit often (hint hint). We played this game called "Curses" which is a riot and we also played twister. If you wonder why I am not in the twister pictures it is because I have this bending problem. The problem is a monster child in my belly that does not allow me to bend over properly without losing my breath. I got to be the spinner though :-)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hiking in Spring

Beautiful natural slate in the creek.
Enjoying the wonderful weather and the surroundings

Has anyone seen Hans? haha
I love the Spring! I love everything about it....well except the many bugs that come out at this time. Hans and I decided that we wanted to go hiking one beautiful Saturday morning. Hiking is one of my favorite things to do. My mom and I used to go hiking all summer and I really miss that! We went to this park here called Bernheim Forest that is really well taken care of. They have many hiking trails and nature walks. I cant wait to go again!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Belly Buddies

My cousin Sarah and her husband came to visit us on their way up to Chicago. Our due dates are only a week apart so we have a lot to talk about! We had to get the customary belly pics of ourselves. We love it when our frousins come to visit!

Wedding #2- Salt Lake City

Cutting the wedding cake

The wonderful parents of the bride....so cute!

Lyndsey and I are now sisters! So exciting

The beautiful brinde in front of the SLC temple

When in Utah it is a must to eat at Cafe Rio with Ang
Well going to Salt Lake City was certainly a lot of fun! My cousin Angie picked me up at the airport and from that time on I had an awesome time (I dont like airplanes very much). I got to go to Cafe Rio twice which is my all time favorite place to eat. Yummy! Thanks to Angie for carting me around the whole time. I got to see my many family members in Utah and that was awesome. Angie and I spent alot of time giggling and eating, which are our favorite past times...haha. The wedding was beautiful and I love going through a session at the Salt Lake Temple. It was amazing.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wedding #1- Sunny San Diego

The beautiful bride and the dashing groom cutting the cake

I loved the cake! So pretty!

Da girls (Lyndsey, Rhonda, Chelsea, Jen and Sadie)

Da boys (Jeff, Hansi, Hans, Ben and Landry)

Loving the ocean scene and the beautiful weather
In April I went to two wonderful weddings. I LOVE weddings. I love seeing the brides get all gussied (is that a word?) up. I love seeing friends and family. I love going to the temple and seeing two people get sealed together for time and all eternity. Such a great time. The first wedding was in San Diego for Hans' brother Jeff. He married a great gal named Lyndsey. When we left Louisville it was 40 degrees and when we got there it was 75. It was a great place for a wedding. Not to mention that the San Diego temple is gorgeous. We had not seen Hansi's parents for two years!!! It was great to see the family and see two love birds tie the knot. We love you Jeff and Lyndsey!