Sunday, July 19, 2009

Stampede, Cabins and Parties....oh my

This year Austin and I got to go to Calgary for the Stampede. It was soooooo much fun. The Stampede happens every year in July and lasts for 10 days. There is an exciting feeling in the city and there are so many things to do eg. Stampede breakfasts, runs, rides, games, exhibits ect. You must have a cowboy hat and boots to truly experience the Stampede!
Kira and I took the boys during the day and they had a great time looking at all the animals. This is my sweet little nephew showing me his "cheesey face". Notice he is sporting a cowboy shirt :-)

My wonderful "bestie" Melanie took Austin for the night so I could go and do the adult Stampede things. Here we are trying all the yummy fair food. I really dont think I have ever eaten so much junk in my life! My brother is eating pizza on a stick. haha

Mark (aka Sparticus) was the master gamer. He won so many stuffed animals. He won the big horse during the shooting game. I guess he has been practicing out at the ranch...

Aunt Jackie and I in the Agricultural Exhibit. Dont we look cute in our hats??

This is us at the Grandstand show/Chuckwagon races which was amazing. I know this isn't a very good picture but I wanted to show off our ponchos. It started to sprinkle so Sparticus bought us all ponchos. What a smart guy. We all stayed dry and warm and they also made us really silly. As soon as I put my poncho on I started giggling. Thank you Justin for the great tickets! This was the first year I actually saw the show from a good location.

I also went to the Millarville Farmer's Market where Mom and Mark sell their soups. I know I am biased but their soups are the best!! My mom, grandma, Aunt Jackie and I would always go to this market together when I was younger. It holds some very good memories for me.

My favorite place on Earth is Waterton. This is where I have spent all the summers of my childhood. I really wanted Austin to go there for the first summer of his life. It was just as beautiful as I had rememered. As you enter the park, you have to open your window because the smell is amazing. You have to go there to know what I am talking about. This picture is Jared on Waterton Lake with his new boat.

This is a view of the lake in Waterton. Amazing!

Austin playing in the cabin. Can you tell it was decorated in the 70s?

This is my nephews sporting the cabin jackets that have been here forever. No one claims them but everyone wears them.

Having a bath with cousin Carter in the big clawfoot tub. We love Waterton!

We had a joint birthday party for Austin and Evan while I was in Calgary. Austin's birthday is not unitl August but we thought it would be fun to celebrate with the family. Here is my mum and Austin at Auburn Bay lake. Austin found a gummy bear in the car and dove for it.
Kira got this cake from the lovely Costco and she got matching cupcakes. Thank you Kira for putting in all the time for the party!

This is Austin first discovering his birthday cupcake.
Diving in......
He ate the whole thing! After this picture he tried to eat the wrapper. Silly boy!
Papa and the birthday boy.