Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Part 1

I love Halloween this year. Okay, I really have always loved Halloween but this year I have embraced it with open arms. I think all the excitement started with finding the cutest costume for Austin. He is a monster. People think he might be a bug, alien or a frog but he will growl at you to let you know that he is a monster. This first picture is at storytime with Dominic and Bethany the Penguins, Ella the Bee, Reagan as Tinkerbell and Austin the Monster. Let's just say storytime with 20 1 year olds can get a bit hectic but it really was fun!
Here is Austin taking a snack break from all the chaos.

After storytime they get to play with the toys and make a craft (or eat the craft).

This year my friend Heather and I planned an "adult only!" Halloween party. It is not very often we get to hang out with just the adults and have a really good time. Heather and I had so much fun making the decorations for the party. This picture is hard to see but there is a zombie in the window. Heather traced me on cardboard....I have not been traced since Elementary School and it made me giggle.

Here is a ghost we made. The funny part was trying to attach the ghosts to the ceiling. You did a good job Heather (and it only took you 4 hours) lol

Notice the "bleeding" candles we made. Spooky right?

The flaming cauldron.

Hans has been wanting to be Buddy the Elf for like three years now and we finally caved and bought him the costume. He studied up on some Elf quotes and stayed in character all night. He was funny. I am just a pioneer working the plains.

Hans and Jared. Classic

Heather and I and baby pumpkin Cluff

The group. I think I might need to plan a Halloween party every year. Nothing better than dressing up, acting silly and having fun.

The zoo here has something called Boo at the Zoo where they decorate the whole zoo into themes like Shrek, Disney Princess, Finding Nemo ect and the kiddos get to Trick or Treat. We had a great time and Austin LOVED it. He has now also discovered the beauty of candy (much to my dismay). Here is daddy and Austin with the talking pumpkin.

Mommy and Austin with the Shrek characters. I think Austi looks a little like Shrek.

Austin found a peacock to chase and that is why the smile in this picture.

We got Austin's pictures done at the Picture People this year to send out with our cards. What a cutie. We still can't wait to do church trunk or treat tomorrow and real trick or treating on Saturday!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Austin and Company

I have to start out by saying how nice it is to live in a place where there are so many kids Austin's age. He is so many friends to play with! There is something therapeutic for the mommas aswell by talking (venting) about what the kiddos are doing ect. I have loved living in Louiville with so many great friends! This first pic is at the Dicksons with Austin's first encounter with a fire pit...let's just say that it is hard to explain to a one year old why he cannot play with the neat flamey thing :-)

Austin's frriends, Dayna, Dax Kaeson (only 4 days younger than Austin) and Parker. Oh yeah our friends are there too. Do we count anymore??

We have loved going to the zoo with many friends this summer. This is my friend's little boy Brock and Austin making music in the park. They were so cute!

Brock and Austin flying high in the swings.

This is one of Austin's girlfriends, Addie. This was her 1st birthday party.

The dental student wives (and Jeff!) with their babies.

We were able to take swimming lessons with Addie and Matthew this August. It was so much fun! Austin liked most of it, except the part where he had to wait on the side of the pool to jump in.....let's just say that my little man lacks some patience