Thursday, August 12, 2010

Houseboating on Kookanusa

Okay so this was our first year going on the houseboat in Kookanusa and it was soooo much fun. It is only 4 hours away from Calgary and the water temperature was like 76. Perfect!! No wetsuit for me thanks. We went for the August long weekend and the weather was awesome.
Hans taking his first waterski of the season. I went on the first waterski of the morning (8am) when the lake was glass and I had a "perfect" moment. Perfect weather, perfect setting and the perfect ski. Life cant get better than that!

Thanks to my pyro nephews we always had a fire going, even in the middle of the day. We started Michael- Pyro Palmer.
Here are the boys lighting fireworks at night....why do guys always do stuff like this?

So since we brought my lovely nephews who are 6 and 7 they kept Austin pretty entertained the whole time. It has been awhile since I could just sit on a floatie and relax. Thanks Logan and Michael for letting me float for hours!
We decided to make a quadruple chain down the slide....why?.....I dont really know but it was fun.

My jam faced child. Isn't he cute?
Austin and I chilling on the wave runner. He liked sitting on it but was too scared to actually have it move.

Lori decided to change Landons diaper and it has been awhile for her so she only brought one wipe. Well he was full with sand and was squirming everywhere. It was hilarious.

On this lake they have fish called Kokanees and they taste like salmon. We had a great time fishing with the boys and we caught a lot.
Sun+toddler+not enough sleep=child who will sleep anywhere (Austin is sleeping in the front room while we had the music blasting having a dance party)

Landon and I dancing! What a great weekend. Hope we can repeat for next year :-)