Thursday, September 2, 2010

Austin is 2!!!

I can't believe that Austin has turned two already! I think I am in denial. Here are some Austin-isms so that I will remember. His language is really starting to take off. Isn't it so cute when they start talking?

Gackle- Michael (one of his favorite people)

Weekee- Logan (I dont get the connection)

CarCar- Carter

Bum- Gum (It is funny in the store he will say "I want some bum momma!")

Wapple- Waffle

Un go?- Where did it go?

Okay- Yes (he wont say yes but he says okay to everything I ask him)

Nilk- Milk

Nunkey- Monkey

His favorite things to do right now are driving cars, kicking balls, eating food and playing with his cousins. He loves going to the gym and will laugh and clap his hands when I pull up (horray for that). He is starting to take an interest in animals. He will give me a play by play of what the monkeys are doing in their cage at the zoo. He definitely has a very strong will and will let me know of his every need and want but I love him all the same. He loves living in Calgary and will ask me to drive him to either "nana and papas" house or "Gackle and Weekee's" house. Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!