Sunday, December 2, 2007

Me and my brothers at Churchill Downs

The Hansel showing how strong he is

Sad face after our horses lost

Angie in the ice chest on Black Friday. We were getting delirious

All the girls on bowling night

Well this year the big Thanksgiving dinner was at my house. Both of my brothers and their wives came along with my frousin Angie (frousin means cousin + friend). My brother also brought his son Evan who is the sweetest little baby. We had two types of turkeys; a deep fried one and a baked one. Anyone out there who has not tried the deep fried turkey I would highly recommend it! Anyway I am proud to say I made my first Thanksgiving dinner and I am ready for more. Hans and I had a great time with my family here. We went to the horse races at Churchill Downs and Amanda had the best luck winning. We went bowling and I found out that I actually can bowl. Hans found me a 6 pound ball and I got my first strike ever. I guess the balls I have always used have been to heavy. Who knew?? Angie, Kira and I went shopping on black friday and we had a great time. We were out at 6am and we all bought Cricuts. It was a great day. My family loves playing games and so we played a game called "Things in a Box" almost every night. I dont think I have ever laughed that hard . We all had a great time and I am sad that everyone is gone. Please come and visit again soon!!