Monday, March 28, 2011

Life Lately

Well this has been a crazy couple of months...again! I would like to blame my lack of blogging skills on being too busy to do so but I we all know I could fit some time in to capture all these memories. We have had alot of changes lately. Hans has started working full time at the office on 130th and is loving it. He is the only dentist there and is really enjoying it. He took a sedation dentistry course in November and has been doing a ton of cases lately. This last week he took the invisiline course and I will officially be his first patient. Horray! I am excited. Our ward was recently split and Hans got called as Young Mens president. He is already super busy with planning YM camp, firesides, activities ect but is loving every minute of it. He loves working with the youth. I am still compassionate service leader and I love that calling! I am getting ready to have this baby in the next couple of weeks so I thought I should probably catch up on my blogging before then. Growing up my mom always had a special Valentines Day luncheon for me and I thought I should carry on the tradition. I invited some of Austin's friends over for pizzas and a special craft. They seemed to like the necklaces best :-) Carter, Austin, Nixon and Preston working on their Valentines Day boxes.
Okay I have to be lame and admit that I planned my own birthday party this year. Hans always does a great job on my birthday but I knew exactly what I wanted to do this year so I took over all the planning (Hans didn't mind). I had a "fry" party. My step-dad seriously makes the best french fries ever! He does special seasonings and sauces and they are to die for. I invited 8 couples over and we ate fries and turkey burgers and played games all night. It was lots of fun.
We borrowed the Larsens's turkey fryer to make all the fries because there was so many people to feed.
My sister Kelley and I went out for our birthdays together and ended up at this really cool hat shop at the mall. Kelley has to teach me how to accessorize because she has style and I.......dont. I really got spoiled this year for my birthday with pedicures, lunches, dinners and massages. Man I am a lucky girl!!
My dad has been living with us while his house is getting renovated and it has been awesome. My step-mom is at their house in Arizona while the whole process goes down and I dont blame her!! It is still snowing here and it is April! It has been great to see Austin and Papa get close and spend so much time together. I can now get Austin to do anything if I say "papa does it" For example:

Me: Austin eat your yogurt

Austin: No!

Me: Papa eats this yogurt

Austin: Yummy! I love Papa yogurt

So my dad was sitting on the couch eating wasabi peanuts (disgusting) and of course Austin wanted to eat them because Papa was. I thought this might not be a good idea since they are SUPER spicy but he was adamant about it so I let him eat one. He LOVED them. I haven't decided if he really did like them or he just liked them because Papa does. Anyway they ate almost the whole can between the two of them.
Austin drinking the peanuts. Silly boy!!