Sunday, March 16, 2008

All About Me

I found this tag on my frousin's (friend+cousin) blog and I thought it was a fun one. Here goes

What I was doing 20 years ago: Playing at my best friends house and bossing her around (I love ya Mel). I thought when I was at her house I was the guest so I got to decide what to do. Then when she was at my house I told her I got to decide what to do since it was MY house. Good logic.

15 years ago: I started cross-country running under the inspiration of my 5th grade teacher and I am still running today. I was Irish dancing and traveling to dance competitions frequently. I still liked to wear sweat pants to school even though the guy behind me made fun of me (I even decorated my sweat pants with puffy paint....I loved that stuff)

10 years ago: Started high school and loved every minute of it. I ran for class president because my best friend told me too(now look whos the bossy one) and it was so much fun. I got my drivers permit and got into 2 accidents in one month :-) I worked at a clothing store and made no money because I spent it all on clothes. I never spent more than 1/2 an hour at home... I was just too busy.....

5 years ago: I was engaged to Hans (aka love of my life). I lived with the best roomies ever and never slept more than 3 hours a night. I have video evidence to prove that. I was working on my nursing degree and was loving every minute of it....well maybe not the day I had to do ear wax cleanings.......or the day I did my first have got to learn sometime!

3 years ago: Working in Labor and Delivery at Utah Valley hospital (aka. baby central), learning to work night shifts and feeling like a zombie person, getting nervous about Hans applying to dental school, discovering my passion for scrapbooking, training for a mini-marathon, learning how to cook

1 year ago: Living in Louisville and loving it, getting called as YW Pres, discovering another passion for card making

This year so far: Preggo!! Going to Rome for work and meeting my mom there, getting ready for two weddings in April and also getting ready for girls camp.

Yesterday: Babysitting for the Dicksons and watching the Lion King (I love that movie)

This year: Having a baby! I will be busy enough!