Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fun with my bestie!

It has been soooo great being home and being united with my bestie Mel again. It is hard to find someone that just "gets you" and she does. We spent alot of time together this summer....okay who am I kidding....we just spend alot of time together period. Here is Mav and Austin riding the Carousel together at Heritage Park.
For some reason, this boat swing is one of Austin's favorite things to do.

Mel took this picture of the A-man.

Bonding time with Levi and Austie Mel.

Wagon ride with the kiddies (I guess there must have been something interesting to look at)

So my brother is someone who buys tickets to EVERY concert that comes to town and he bought Back Street Boys/New Kids on the Block tickets. He forgot he was going to be out of town so I inherited them. So I thought to myself....who would enjoy this crazy concert as much as me and would dance like a maniac.....Mel of course!! We had to walk through the Stampede grounds on the way in so we picked up some red bulls and corn dogs (the dinner of champions).

To say we had fun would be an understatement....we had a blast! The concert was actually really good and I knew most of the songs somehow. I can now check that off the bucket

Heritage Park and 4th of July

We got a pass for Heritage Park this summer and we had a blast. Heritage Park is a great place to take little kids! They have rides, wagon rides, shops to look in, a boat to ride in and of course a "real" choo choo train! Here is Nixon and Austin riding the toddler ferris wheel.

So happy!

Caterpillar ride is one of the favorites. Keshia and I had to take turns riding wih the kids as we both had new babies.

The crew on the train....complete with two sleeping babies!

I miss 4th of July in the states! America really knows how to throw a good party :-) Good thing I have American friends here to throw parties for the special day. My friend Bree is from Utah and is the best party planner I know. I felt lucky to be invited to my first "Bree" party. Nick likes to show kids experiments and here he put dish soap and dry ice and the kids were in heaven.

Bree and I in her backyard.

The family. Notice the sack Austin is holding that was full of treats for the kids (and a bow that Bree made and Austin was determined to wear).

Daddy and Levi

Austin with his Bree bow on.