Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break 2009: Hilton Head Island

This year we decided to go on spring break to Hilton Head SC. We went with the Taylors, Dicksons and Wyatts. We found a great deal on a beach house that we could split 4 ways and it ended up being super cheap. It was a really beautiful house and since we went in March it was considered "off season" so that is why we got such a deal. The first day we were there we had to go and check out the beach and Austin got to stick his feet in the ocean for the first time. Woohoo! Hans decided to bury Dax and Dayna in the sand....fully clothed of course!

Hilton Head is a place where everyone rides bikes around so we had to join in on the fun. Janelle and I called around to find the best deal and Bicycle Billy ended up being it. He was a really great guy and of course Janelle ended up getting the best deal with him. The picture is of Hans with Austin on the back cruising near the ocean.

We ended up having really great weather and so we spent alot of time at the beach. The water was pretty cold but of course I still had to swim in it!

We had "guys day out" and "ladies day out". For guys day out they went golfing. There are ALOT of golf courses on Hilton Head but I have no pictures of that because Hans never takes any. For ladies day out we went and got pedicures. We (I should say Janelle) found a really great place and they did a wonderful job.

You cant go near the ocean without having a "crab feed". We went to a place called Crazy Crab and had a wonderful meal. The second picture is of us trying a Southern drink called Cheerwine. Notice that I am cheering and Megan is whining. Yeah...we were probably tired.

We also went to this lighthouse in Sea Pines which was really neat (first picture is on top of the lighthouse). Then we went to the nature preserve and went on a gator hunt (second picture we were hunting for gators and we found a bunch) . We had a wonderful trip to Hilton Head! We are definitely going to go back!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hans in Honduras

My hubby the dentist!
Local people coming to get dental work done.

Goofin around...

I love this picture of my dad. This is SO him!

My two favorite men working together

Hans flying high

Lovin life!
In January Hans went with my dad to Honduras with Kindness in Action to do charity dental work for the people there. He had a great time and many adventures. He learned alot about "real-life" dentistry and was able to extract over 250 teeth! He loved working and serving the people there. Only one year left and he will be a "real" dentist! Go Hans!!!