Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's a.........

Rome Part 2

Outside the Catacombs. The Christians built Catacombs
150 feet deep for over 22 acres. Who is the guy in the picture?
Who knows......he wouldn't move...haha

The outside of Pompeii.

Where the ancient Romans used to bathe together

Waiting for our Pompeii tour to start.

Look at those lemons. They are HUGE!!

Mumsy and I in Naples. I love the ocean!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Rome Part 1

Mumsy at a yummy Roman restaurant.
We ate our favorite......spaghetti!!

Our tour guide Carlo in the Colloseum was awesome!

Wide view of the Colloseum.
My mom and I just got back from our trip to Rome!! I got to go for a work meeting. It was amazing. When I was told I got to go to Rome for work I thought it would be fun to invite my mumsy to meet me there. The company sent me first class on the airplane which was such a treat. It is definitly more pleasant to fly in first class when you are going oversees. I got to sleep almost the entire way! Anyways, when I got to Rome my mom met me at the hotel and off we went to explore. We ended up going to the Colloseum which is something I feel like everyone needs to see for themself. My mom had bought this book called "Rick Steve's" which I think is a must when travelling Europe. He tells you all the tricks of the trade and the best way to travel and see the sights. He also tells you the "local" places to eat that are truly authentic and not so touristy. After the Colloseum we went to the Roman Forum and did Rick Steves walking tour. We had a such a great time. The next night we went to see the Trevi Fountain and then we ate a yummy restaurant that we found by wandering around. It was delicious!! I am still dreaming about the delicious balsamic vinegar. That is all for now. Part 2 to come....