Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Part 2 and Huber Farm

At ward trunk or treat Austin found his female counterpart Marin who had the same costume. Sooo cute! Trunk or treat was fun and Austin learned the art of taking candy from people and putting it into his pumpkin.
Just as trunk or treat was ending it started pouring and so we quickly buckled Austin into his carseat with his costume on. I looked back at him and this is what I saw. You could barely see his eyes over his "fatsuit". Hans and I were busting up laughing.
The town we live in has an annual trick or treat party for the kids during the daytime on Halloween. This is a picture of the Jeffersontown courthouse. So many memories of all the festivals we have attended here.

Austin and daddy going to get some treats.

Austin's favorite part...getting the candy!

After the Jeffersontown festival we headed to Toys R Us because they had trick or treating for the kids and had a parade. Then of course we had to check out all the toys......

We went trick or treating with the Cluffs this year but we had to end it early. Austin thought it was a good idea to run into people's houses when they opened the door and then he would run into their backyards. Oh my active little guy! Maybe we will have better luck next year!

This past weekend we went to Huber Farm with our friends the Mills. we have gone once before to get a pumpkin but we thought we should take advantage of the 70 degree weather in November and spend the day outside. The kiddos loved it! Here is Austin on a cement duck he thought was pretty neat.

After a LONG (and ever changing) explanation of how much everything cost at the farm we decided to take a wagonride to see the animals and to go through the corn maze. Here we all are on the wagonride around the farm.

Austin and daddy walking through the cornmaze. Notice the shorts and T-shirt Hans is wearing in November!

Here is our guide Felix with our precious children. Look how happy they are to be on his lap.

Austin loved to feed the animals. He would giggle everytime they ate the corn out of his hands.

I thought this was a cool shot. This is Austin and daddy going down the tube slide from the hay loft. We had a great time at the farm enjoying the beautiful weather.