Sunday, May 29, 2011

Levi's Blessing Day and kid update

We decided to bless Levi this weekend as Hansis parents were able to come up to Calgary. It was a perfectly beautiful day out which I was so excited about since it has been raining straight for the past 2 weeks! Mark did the food for the special day and of course it was absolutely delicious. Here is the crew in the backyard.
Hansi's parents

Me and mum

Happy new parents

The girlies enjoying the sunshine

Austin found a ladybug and thought it was the greatest thing that had ever happened. Perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Austin update

Loves his baby brother- sometimes a little too much :-)

Talks non stop-where did he get that from??

Is fully potty trained-Horray!!

Has stopped taking naps everyday- so sad :-(

Is very curious about everything

Plays well on his own and is obsessed with cars

Is full of energy!

Some funny things he says: Thats Balicious! (That's delicious)

I splushed the toilet (I flushed the toilet)

Oh yes I do!!! (If asked if we wants to do anything)

Levi update

Is the sweetest baby ever!

Is finally 8 pounds

Some nights sleeps 5 hours

Starting to smile

Still sleeps most of the day

We feel so lucky and blessed to have these sweet and handsome boys to take care of!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter and Newborn photo shoot

One of my childhood friends Liz, does photography and so I had her take some photos of Levi when he was just 5 days old. I LOVED how the photos turned out and I am just going to post some of my faves. You can check out her blog at At this point Levi only weighed 5lbs and 3 oz and was so squishy. Perfect for getting all the shots. I love this one of him in the wagon.
Wrinkly back picture. Love it!

All curled up.

This is how he was in the ultrasound. He always had that hand by his face.

He always lifts his eyebrows while he is sleeping. It is sooooo cute!!

Momma and baby pic

The day before Easter I had my nephews over to color Easter eggs and play in the backyard. I think I might have had more fun coloring the eggs than they did :-)

Amanda and I were very excited about egg decorating

So about 2 weeks before Easter I was telling Austin he had to be a good boy for the Easter Bunny to come and bring him treats. I guess he thought it was like Santa because after I told him that he started saying the Easter Bunny was going to bring him "Mack" (the truck from cars). I could only find a pink Mack truck but he loved it anyway.

Austin LOVED hunting for Easter eggs. He is currently in a phase where he wont smile for the camera so I got this side smile.

Daddy and Austin on the hunt for eggs before church.

So after church we went to my brothers house for a big family Easter meal. They did turkey AND ham and of course my mums homeade buns. It was super yummy and so fun to be with the family. Look how cute these boys are :-) Hope you all had a happy Easter.