Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Fun

Dayna putting the first ornament on the tree.
The Dicksons (and Austin) posing in front of the tree

Hans thought using caulking would be easier than icing

Our gingerbread house
Our gingerbread house and the the Dicksons

Dayna wanted a taste. Yum!

Baby Claus
Hans and I have a tradition that every year we buy a real Christmas tree from Home Depot (b/c it is cheap) and decorate it while listening to our favorite Christmas CD...The Carpenters! Hans and I both grew up listening to same Christmas CD so we didn't have to compromise on that. This year we invited the Dicksons over to help because it is way more fun with kids around. Dayna noticed that we didn't have a star to put on the top of our tree so we made one and she decided it HAD to be pink. She got the honors of placing it on the top of our tree. After decorating the tree we made our gingerbread houses and Hans decided that he needed to use caulking because the icing just wasn't doing the job. Silly Hans! Anyway I think the houses turned out pretty well. We love Christmas around here and now our house smells like pine. I love it! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday!