Tuesday, February 15, 2011

January Happenings

Well January was a crazy month to say the least. So crazy in fact that I hardly took any pictures of anything, which for me, is a rare thing. We had LOTS of drs. appts for Austin and I (me for pregnancy and Austin they are testing for celiac...yikes). Lots of parties and evenings out. For Christmas my dad got us all tickets to see Larry the Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall. It was completely hilarious and more hilarious was watching how hard my brothers and dad were laughing at the whole thing! Hans and I were given hockey tickets from the lab which were amazing and on the first level. It was a great night out!! We have been taking Austin swimming alot. He LOVES the water!! They have a great pool out in Okotoks where they keep the water really warm and there are lots of things for toddlers to do. In the fall I will be putting Austin in swim lessons as I think he might be part fish :-)
Justin and Evan going down the slide

Austin and daddy. After daddy went down a few times with him, he decided he would go on his own. What a crazy little guy :-)

It is so nice that my mom does not own the restaurant anymore! She has so much more free time and we are able to spend alot of time together. I love it!! We have had lots of Chinooks this January so mom and I were able to hit up the zoo a few times. Austin and Carter are still the best of friends and are showing off their wild side here. They wore these tiger masks and growled for a good half hour. Ohhhh boys!

Austin loves this computer I got him for Christmas and he will sit on his special cars seat and when I ask him to do something else he will tell me "I just have to do something on my computer...okay mom!!". A few Austin updates:
He is obsessed with guitars-he usually walks around with his guitar all day
He loves to count-then usually ends it with blast off
He has decided he is a puppy- Which is sometimes the only way we can get him to eat. We have to address him as "puppy" (Oh geez!)
If I leave somewhere then return he will yell "I missed you mom!!"- Gotta love that
He will play with his cars for hours-he has full on conversations with them
He LOVES to help me cook- which then usually doubles the time it takes me to make a meal but I love that he wants to help
He wants to be doing whatever daddy is doing
He honestly makes me laugh all day because he says the most hilarious things :-)
This video is of him watching the wiggles and "rocking out" as he puts it.