Monday, September 5, 2011

The Bumbo Seat

The Bumbo seat. What a great invention this was. Here is the L man at 2 1/2 months old sitting in the Bumbo.
This kid is always making me laugh. I am lucky that Austin totally and utterly adores Levi. He is soooo good with him. He gives him toys, puts in his pacifier when he cries and sings him songs. Sometimes my mom will tell Austin that she is going to take Levi home and Austin will almost start crying and say "No! He is my baby brother". Brotherly love :-)

Levi's Baby Shower

Here is the main event! Baby Levi had his baby shower on May 29th 2011 . Since Levi decided to come on the date of my previous baby shower we had to reschedule.....which is funny in many ways. For instance, Melanie made these potted plants as party favors and the sign on them said "When your bulb begins to sprout Levi surely will be out!". Well that was for sure! I dressed Levi in this blue velour outfit and Hans thinks he will hate me for it in the future. I thought it was cute.

I am soooooo blessed to be living near my closest friends and family. They really spoil me (and my family) rotten! It was such a wonderful baby shower.

My sis in law Amanda with baby Levi

Mumsy and I. My mom has helped me out alot with this baby. It has been soooooooo nice! One night she even came over and got up with Levi when he was about a month old so I could get a full nights rest. Man I needed it!

This picture is us to a tee!

This is our tousled hair look. I'm thinking we are looking pretty good :-)

The table set up.

Baby blocks and the potted plant. Thanks to everyone who helped with the shower. It was awesome!