Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Crazy Palmer Reunion 2010

This was the first time that I have planned a family reunion....well I co-planned it actually with my bro Justin. It was stressful for me to plan as I had just moved across the country and I was planning meals, sleeping arrangements and activities for 50 people but it all worked out great. We decided this year we would include a "pre-union" so that all the family could enjoy Calgary fun. The first stop was Calgary Olympic Park where they have the fastest zipline in North America and Zorbing.
Here is the group before we went on the zipline. It was SCARY! They drop you off the top of the ski jump and I screamed if you can imagine.

We also went to the Stampede which is always a lot of fun. We took Austin in the morning and here he is in the Canadian Army truck wearing a beret. He loved looking at all the horses, which he calls "hoo hoos". Too funny. He also LOVED the dog show. Hans took him home for a nap and I stayed with all the crazy cousins and went to the rodeo.

Here we are at the rodeo looking all sad because it rained but luckily we were inside when the downpour started.

We all tried our luck at this one game where you throw the balls into the barrel. I was trying to win Austin a new cow stuffy because his was getting old and ratty. All the adults tried and I think we put down about $30. No luck. Then as we were walking away the carnie said "If you put $5 more down I will give you the cow even if you don't win." Done! I let Michael throw the balls because I was going to win anyway. He got them both in the first try!! So Angie wanted a giant banana and there was one at the barrel game. She gave the carnie $5 and of course Michael got them both in again. Can you tell we were excited??

Then we were off to Waterton for the reunion. The first night everyone slept on Bertha Beach. We have family memories here as my grandma took us all here one night to watch a meteor shower. The little boy to the right is cousin David. Austin was in LOVE with him. Everytime he saw David his face would light up and he would say "HI!!". It was too cute.

The two year olds chilling on the lawn- Austin, Eva and Carter

Michael helping Austin to the start line of the race at the Family Olympics.

This is a new game my cousin David thought up. It's call "swing your thing". It entails putting an orange in a stocking and tying the stocking around your waist. No hands allowed while hitting the ball into the net. It was hilarious!
This is one of our family traditions- Launching children into the air with a parachute. It is a very safe sport :-) We also went canyoning this day but did not bring the camera because it would get wet. It is Hans' favorite thing to do in Waterton.
Another tradition is hiking a mountain "Bears Hump" in the dark. In Waterton it doesn't get dark till 10:30 so we got to the top at about midnight.
Here we are at the top of the mountain.
Here is Hans hiking up to Wall Lake (aka most beautiful place on Earth). He pushed that double stroller two hours up and two hours back. What a trooper!
Austin on Papa's shoulders during the hike.

The boys always take off their shirts at the top and yell WONDERBAR, and of course eat wonderbars while doing it. All the family fishes at the lake but we took Austin back down.

The moment we put him in the stroller, this is what happened and he slept the whole way down. He was such a good boy that whole hike.
My brave cousin Teresa brought her 8 month old twins sans husband across the border and we were so happy to get to meet them. Aren't they the cutest!

We had such an awesome time and we are now exhausted from all the fun and the planning of the reunion. Cant wait for another 3 years till the next one.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The BIG move!

I cant believe it has been 2 months since we have moved to Calgary! It feels like 2 weeks...maybe. We have so busy since we have gotten here that I have not had much time to blog at all. I need to do some catch up before I get to the family reunion we just got home from. Austin has been loving being around his cousins (especially the older ones). He has started copying everything they do. My nephews are in gymnastics so the are usually doing cartwheels everywhere. Now Austin says " Gackel (Michael)" then does his rendition of a cartwheel.....which really is his two hands on the ground and one leg sticking straight up in the air.
The cousins

My mum lives in a little town called Black Diamond and they have a parade and family fun run every year. As you can tell it was pretty cold for the parade but still really fun. That night was the 10km race and it was so beautiful running in the mountains and I was AMAZED at how much better I can breathe here. I love Kentucky ....but not humidity. Mark, Amanda, Justin and I ran the race and we all did really well. We will definitely be doing it again next year.
In other news.....we bought a HOUSE!!! We got a really great deal on it and we love it! It is right near all of our family and close to parks/shopping/splash park and the library (a must for me).

One Sunday all the girls went to Lilith Fair. It was the first stop on the tour so all the headliners came-Colbie Caillet, Sheryl Crow, Erikah Badu, Sugarland and Sarah Mclaughlin. It was an amazing day with some amazing girls I know :-)

Kira and I were so excited to be sooooo close to Sheryl Crow during her performance.

I was this close with no zooming. I am a big Sheryl Crow fan and so I was in heaven! At one point her son came on stage and played the tambourine. It was adorable.

One night Hans told me he was going to surprise me and I had to dress up. I love surprises and really was surprised when we ended up at Stage West with Justin and Kira. It is this place where you can watch shows while eating a fancy dinner. The show was called "Two Pianos Four Hands". Which was a story of two friends growing up around playing the piano and I really haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It was a great night.
We have really enjoyed our time here so far and are excited about this next chapter in our lives.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

The week before I left Kentucky we took a trip to Cincinnati to stay at Great Wolf Lodge with our wonderful friends, the Mills. We decided that we would stay in one hotel room to save some $ and it was an adventure for sure. On the way up we stopped at a bargain shopper's paradise (aka Chelsea's heaven). This is where they send all the flawed items for Gap, Banana and Old Navy. I got a pair of jeans, dress pants, shirt, 3 pairs of pajamas for Austin and a pair of socks for $28. Hello? I want to go again but too bad I live 3 days drive away now :-( This is the waterpark inside Great Wolf Lodge. There are plenty of slides for kids AND adults. We made the boys watch the kiddos so Heather and I could enjoy some thrill rides too. It was funny because the rule was you could not go down the slides with your toddler but you could send them down alone. Interesting rule.....

The Meyer family before going swimming.

Heather and I (and Austin in the backround).

Austin and Ree Ree(Reagan) being silly and eating chips in the bed. These two loved playing together.

Brushing our teeth while trying not to wake the kids. We had such a fun time and would love to go again. We miss you Mills Family!!!

This is a video of Austin watching the show at night. He got into it!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


It as been a LONG time since I have blogged so I have alot to catch up on. We have been living out of suitcases for the past month with no access to my beloved computer. It is amazing really how much I missed having my own computer with all my stuff on it. Anyway I need to hurry up and blog before my active little dude wakes up. Hans' parents came out a few days before graduation so we got to take them to the horse races. I love going to the paddock to watch the horses gear up for the races. They are such beautiful creatures.
Big Hans and I won the last race before we left so we were happy :-)

Big Hans and Austin chillin outside in the beautiful weather.
Both of my brothers were able to come to the graduation as well as my dad and step-mom and my brothers wife Amanda. We all went out the night before graduation and went to Wicked. It was really amazing. If you have not seen it yet, it is really worth the money to go.

After the show my dad realized he could not find the keys to the car. This is the face he made when he realized he left the keys in the car with the car running!! Too funny.
After 4 years of dental school my man is finally a dentist. I am soooo proud. At the awards ceremony we found out that Hans won 3 awards, Pediatric dentistry, Crown and Bridge and Operative. Way to go Hans!!!!

Hans and the parentals.

Hans' new employers.

Actually, they are quite a serious bunch...

The dental men: Hans, Brian, Kelly, Eric, Jeff, Jon and Ryan

Janelle and I had some great times together. We are so happy we are finally done (we felt like we went though dental school too).

Good-bye Kentucky!! We had such a great, wonderful, exciting, interesting and life-changing 4 year there. I now feel like Kentucky is my home and I will miss it alot! Off to our new adventures in Canada.