Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Family Trip to Utah

The day after Austin's party we packed up our Pilot (best vehicle ever) and headed to Utah. We have devised the best driving strategy for our family. We left our house at about 4pm and got to the border about 7pm, no traffic and then the kids slept most of the way to Utah. Then we got to Utah at about 5am and Hans took a sleeping aid and slept till 2pm. It was the best roadtrip with kids ever.....when Austin was awake he played with the ipad and that kept him entertained. Horray for roadtrips again!!!

We really had a great trip and Austin and Levi got to bond with Grandma and Grandpa.

First stop was the pilgrimage to BYU. While walking on campus, we felt old! Everyone looked sooooo young! We were "those old people with kids" I used to make fun....haha. To make us look even more dweebish we had to all buy matching shirts and take pictures. Now Austin loves to chant "B-Y-U!!" at the top of his lungs.

A trip to Utah is not complete without a visit with Aunt Gayle. We had a BBQ at her house to say goodbye to Jeremy who just left on his mission. *Tear* I am sooooo lucky that this sweet boy Levi is such a good kid. He was so happy the whole trip!

We went to Thanksgiving point the next day to look at the animals and it was HOT!! I had to strip Levi so he would be comfortable.

Austin's first time on a horse and he loved it!! He wanted to do it "all by himself" which meant he didn't want us walking beside him like the other kids.

We went to Snowbird to try the alpine slides. I though Austin might be scared/nervous but I was wrong again. "I'm not scared mama!" he was yelling at me.

"I can carry this sled ALL by myself". Are you catching the theme here? Mr. Independent lately.

Austin and I going down the slides. As soon as we got to the bottom he was saying "Again!!"

Grandma and Grandpa threw him a little birthday party while we were there. Easter cake is a Meyer favorite.

We took a trip into Provo Canyon to have a picnic and see Bridal Veil falls. It was a beautiful day and I thought this picture was adorable.

Picnic time! Apparently everyone had the same idea as us and there were no picnic tables available so we sat on this concrete slab :-)

Bridal Veil Falls!

The last day we were there we went to Lagoon. It was soooo much fun. Austin loved the rides and there was a good mixture of little kid and big kid (aka adult) rides.

There was also a waterpark. Who knew? I spent 6 years living in Utah and I never went to Lagoon. Silly me.

I heard LOTS of laughter coming from the bathroom and I went and found this! This is how grandpa does bubble baths I guess. Austin was in heaven.


We had such a great trip and cant wait to visit again!


Heather Mills said...

What a great trip! I love the matching BYU shirts!

Teresa said...

I seriously love your BYU trip re-cap and photos. Such great memories! So fun for you to have family in UT. Such a great place! Was there any Cafe Rio???!!

Sarah said...

Hooray for BYU brainwashing! What a fun trip! I love Provo... and driving through the night to get there.