Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Montana cabin trip

After we got back from Utah I quickly unpacked and then repacked for our Montana cabin trip. It was so much fun spending time on Glen Lake skiing, wakeboarding and tubing with friends and family.

Cousins on Uncle Jared's boat. Poor Logan just broke his arm right before the trip but we wrapped it up real good so he could go on the tube and jet ski.

Austin was a little timid at first but loved going on this big tube.

Skiing is one of my favorite things to do. There is nothing like it.

Mel came with us to the cabin and skied as well.

Austin decided he did not like anyone on this trip besides Carter and I so Angie was REALLY happy when he sat on her lap.

Picnic in the park with Maverick, Mel, Austin, Levi and I.

Whenever Levi got fussy Angie sang "Do you like it when I talk close to you face?" and he immediately calmed down. Angie and Levi bonded on this trip.

Levi in a glass bowl. Angie kept putting Levi in strange positions.

Amanda's brother is in the FBI so I, of course had to take a super serious FBI picture.

The boys found these crawdads in the lake and so we dared our cousin Dallin to let it bite his nipple. I cant remember how much we dared him but Palmers can be quite persuasive.

I seriuosly think this is one of the most hilarious pictures I've ever taken. Ohhh Dallin!

We would go on a long swim everyday while the babies were sleeping. Dont we look hot in our wetsuits? I cant wait to go again next year. Is there anything better than a cabin on a lake? I think not.


Teresa said...

Okay, the whole crawdads thing is halarious. My girls have started Palmer-chanting together lately ("Milk Milk Milk Milk!!, Treat, Treat, Treat, Treat!!"), and it reminds me of Palmer cousins and their persuasive chanting.

What a fun party. You Canadian cousins are living it up!

Sarah said...

Holy cow. So hilarious. My blog needs more pictures of Angie. Love Levi in the bowl. And the nipple pic.. well, it goes without saying.

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